torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

Another day, another award

Sain taas haasteen, tällä kertaa englanninkielisen. Tämä tuli My Glittery Dreams -blogin Annilta, kiitos paljon :) Olen yleensä vähän nihkeä blogien kanssa, jotka eivät laita haasteita eteenpäin, mutta näitä samantapaisia haasteita, joissa pitää kertoa x määrä asioita itsestään, on nyt ollut niin paljon liikkeellä, niin en jaksa alkaa tarkistelemaan ketkä ovat näitä jo saaneet ja ketkä ei :)

1. Tell who gave you the award and link this back to his/her blog.
2. Write seven random facts about yourself. 

3. Give this award to fifteen bloggers/blogs you like.

1. I've studied French for five years but I'm completely useless when it comes to actually using it in real life.
2. When I was a child I always thought that the sourness in sour candies came form salt, whereas the sweetness of sweet candies came from sugar.
3. I'm on the verge of changing my major. Decisions decisions!
4. Until my second year of uni I used to think that good grades where everything and you were pretty much useless if you didn't succeed in school. However, this only applied to me. I was a bit hard on myself, eh?
5. Before I actually started blogging I was thinking about it for a year or so, I had already created this blog but somehow I didn't feel I could be "good enough" to be a blogger... yeah. See the fact above for related info :D
6. I have quite a loud voice, I know it and I like it! Comes in handy when you have to talk to bigger crowds without a microfone.
7. I often watch when my boyfriend plays games on PS. I always cheer him and give a commentary of my own.

Here's an award that I got from Anni from My Glittery Dreams. This time in English, a nice change!